„We complement the combination of financing from our own resources and from banking institutions by offering medium-term investments in securities or other types of suitable investment instruments.

We implement each project in a separate project company, which provides an adequate level of security. ”


We are a company that prepares and executes development projects. Within EBM Group, we focus primarily on residential housing and, more recently, retail and administrative buildings. For our external clients, we mainly deal with senior housing centres (CBS). 

Our continual growth demonstrates our ability to evolve along with the housing market. A significant recent achievement was building our portfolio of senior housing, including the properties‘ social services operator, GrandPark, a.s. The sale of this portfolio in 2017 (a transaction that amounted to approx. CZK 780m) created the ideal conditions for our company‘s future growth. 

In addition to expanding our portfolio in the fields of development where we‘ve already established our presence, we are also aiming for its diversification by entering additional lucrative segments. We understand that our success is the result of effective collaboration and the optimal utilization of synergy within EBM Group.

People of EBM Partner

Ing. Ľubomír Vais
Founder, Owner

Mgr. Jakub Vais

Ing. Jan Šulc
Executive Director

Ing. Jirka Kašek, CFA
Chief Financial Officer

EBM Partner a.s. is a part of EBM Group. 


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