Our company‘s positive evolution and the favorable state of the financial markets strengthen our ambitions and bring various investment opportunities for smaller and medium-qualified investors, as well as for equity partners.

We bring investment opportunities


We finance our projects using a combination of our own resources and the banks‘, while also offering the option of medium-term investments into bonds or other relevant investment tools.

Each of our projects is executed within an independent SPV (single-purpose company), which ensures a convenient level of security.


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EBM highlights

650 mil. CZK

value of repaid bank loans

160 mil. CZK

value of repaid capital from equity partners

1 500 mil. CZK

aggregate value of completed projects of all companies within EBM Group in the past 5 years

150 people

 employees within EBM Group

Why invest with EBM Partner?

We have a wealth of experience with development

We are consistently successful in all of our projects

We keep our company transparent, with clear corporate governance

We employ the benefits of synergy supported by EBM Group‘s unique structure

We strive for diversity of our projects

We remain focused on segments which offer commercial potential and greater resistance to cyclical fluctuations

We utilize our own resources for our projects

We prioritise a conservative approach when it comes to debt, in regards to both the company and individual projects